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Çürük - The Pink Report

Ulrike Böhnisch's impressive documentary "Çürük" is a tinder box: an intense, entirely anonymous recording of the mortifying procedure used by the Turkish military to make it possible for gay men to exempt themselves from military service. The humiliation includes pyschological tests, anal examinations and the photographical proof of gay sex. The impact on gay men's self-esteem becomes more than obvious, when one of the protagonists doubtfully asks: "Do you think I'm a real man?"

festivals et al.:

  • 7th achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2011
  • 26th Torino GLBT Film Festival 2011
  • 50 years amnesty international
  • Cheries-Cheris Paris Gay Lesbian Trans Film Festival 2011
  • 22th Lesbisch Schwulen Filmtage Hamburg 2011
  • El Lugar sin Limites - Festival de Cine LGBT 2011

documentary, 2011
length: 75 min/52 min
format: HD
languages: English, Turkish, German
subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French

director: Ulrike Böhnisch
DOP: Wolfgang Busch
2nd camera: Markus Otto
editor: Andrea Schönherr
producer: Ulrike Böhnisch
co-producer: Medea Film - Irene Höfer and Ada & Zylla Film - Caroline Elias

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